A spotlight on Yenrich: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Yenrich, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Yenrich, spun-off from Epistar and now part of the Ennostar group, develops mini-LED and micro-LED packaging. The company is focused on direct-view displays, both miniLED based and microLED based.

Hello! Can you introduce your company and technology?

Yenrich, a member of Ennostar, focuses on the development of Mini/Micro LED technology and products for fine pitch displays and provides customers with integrated solutions of front-end chips and back-end system applications.

Q: Can you say why you joined the microLED association and what it is you hope to achieve?
1.    Learn the latest Mini/Micro LED technology and information from the MIA and get more correct product roadmap in this field
2.    Understand the needs of Micro LED for AR/VR and automotive applications and technology


Q: What is your biggest challenge, and success to date in the microLED industry?
Currently, there are several difficulties, including Micro LED repairing and transfer technology which needs all the Micro LED supply chain to support and develop the best methods to overcome.

Q: Can you detail your latest prototype/demonstration?
We demonstrated Micro LED chip 40*80 μm into 0202 PKG in Touch Taiwan 2023.

Q: How do you see microLEDs changing the display industry in the next 5-10 years?
We aggressively predict the AR, VR and smart watch will adopt Micro LED instead of OLED. As for the automotive transparent display, it will happen in 2028.

Posted: Jun 12,2023 by Ron Mertens