Innolux shows new an automotive microLED display based instrument cluster

CarUX, a subsidiary of Innolux, is demonstrating new microLED automotive display prototypes at CES 2024. The main demonstration is the Pixiu 3 premium, shown below.

This complete cockpit system utilizes Innolux's unique Micro LED COB (Chip on Board) to offer high brightness, high contrast ratio, rapid response, and high color saturation - in addition to very high efficiency. Innolux says that it aims to meet the requirements of power consumption features and advanced automotive markets.


Hopefully Innolux will detail more about these microLED displays soon.

In May 2023, Innolux showed its latest microLED display prototypes, including a wearable round 1.1" 374x374 panel, an automotive-grade 9.6" FHD display and a tiled 26.4" display based on 20x40 um blue LEDs with QD color conversion.

Earlier in 2023 Innolux said that it is working with customers to jointly develop microLED displays. While the company does not yet announce any commercialization plans, we know it is considers converting one of its 5.5-Gen LCD fabs to microLED panel production.

Posted: Jan 06,2024 by Ron Mertens