Japan Display to demonstrate its first microLED prototype, developed in collaboration wth Glo

Japan Display announced that it is developing micro-LED display technologies, and the company will unveil its first prototype at FINTECH Japan 2019 in early December. JDI will show a 1.6" 300x300 (256 PPI) display that is based on the company's own LTPS backplane with microLED chips developed by Glo.

Japan Display and glo 1.6-inch microLED prototype photo

The new display provides a wide viewing angle of 178 degress and offers very high brightness (3,000 nits).

In June 2019 Micro-LED developer Glo announced a partnership with Japan-based display maker Kyocera and demonstrated a 1.8" 3,000 nits Micro-LED display. This partnership seems to be similar - Kyocera provided the LTPS backplane while Glo provide the microLED chips.

Posted: Nov 30,2019 by Ron Mertens


Mikael Andersson (not verified)

This is great news and a very important step because JDI is all big display manufacturers in Japan which are together in JDI which is a developing and research company. 

Before have it been only Sony which have been in the development of MicroLEDs. 

With JDI and now in joint-venture with Glo will also other members of JDI implement the development of MicroLED, companies as NEC, Hitachi, Toshiba. 

MicroLEDs will take över The display märket from OLEDs because of that MicroLEDs have all good properties as OLEDs have but none of it's drawbacks as not so high brightness as MicroLEDs and no problems with humid air and MicroLEDs needs not any special encapsulation because of that. Encapsulation makes a display much more difficult to mass produce especially if you want to make superthin and foldable displays. 

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