Samsung starts producing 89-inch LTPS microLED TVs

Towards the end of 2020, Samsung announced it's first "consumer" MicroLED TVs that adopt small microLED chips (this followed its professional/commercial TVs that used larger chips and are already in production for several years). These smaller TVs were scrapped later in 2021, and then Samsung further delayed its plans in April 2022 and did so again in June 2022, due to technical issues.

Samsung 2022 MicroLED TV photo

According to the latest report from Korea, Samsung finally started to produce 89-inch LTPS microLED TVs. Its larger 101-inch and 114-inch models, however, are still not in production.

The report says that Samsung aimed to price the 89-inch model at $80,000 USD, although the final price decision hasn't been made public yet.

A few months ago it was reported that not only that Samsung cannot really find customers for its TVs at such high prices, but the TVs also suffer from high defect rates - even in units shown in retail or showcase events. It is likely that Samsung finally managed to solve its production issues.

Samsung's LTPS panels use LED chips made by PlayNitride, sized 34x85 um. Its current PCB-based microLED TVs use larger chips produced by San'An Optoelectronics.

Posted: Oct 05,2022 by Ron Mertens