PlayNitride showcases its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023

Taiwan-based MicroLED developer PlayNitride (a MicroLED Industry Association member) has demonstrated its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023.

First up we have the company's tiled large-area microLED displays, called PixeLED Matrix. The company showed a 166" vertical installation, that is made from 324 modules. The total resolution is 1440x4860 (30 PPI, or a pixel pitch of 0.833 mm). This was a very nice looking demonstration.


The second display was a wearable panel. The square passive matrix panel is 1.58" in size, with a resolution of 256x256 (228 PPI, pixel pitch of 0.111 mm). PlayNitride says it offers a high dynamic range (HDR) but did not detail the brightness or other performance metrics. The display uses blue LEDs with QD color conversion (deposited using Panasonic-made equipment). This panel was first shown in 2022.

PlayNitride also showed its full color microLED microdisplay - a 0.49" FHD (4,536 PPI) panel, which has been shown before as well.

PlayNitride had a nice cubic demonstration, with microLED displays on four sides. Each panel had a resolution of 360x480, with a pixel pitch of 0.43 mm. These are tiled panels (each made from 4 modules).

Another display on show was the company's 9.38" 960x480 (114 PPI) transparent microLED - with a transparency of 65%.

Posted: Jun 03,2023 by Ron Mertens