PlayNitride helps replace an OLED lighting installation with microLED based panel area lighting

The W Hotel in Taipei has an old Philips OLED installation (called You Fade to Light, designed by rAndom International creative studio). This beautiful piece consists of 2,000 modules, each lighting up as a response to people moving in front of it.

Due to the limited lifetime of the OLED devices, after years of use the installation started to fail and fade (which is rather ironic, given its name). PlayNitride collaborated with the hotel to replace the OLED panels with microLED powered panels. Each single module included over 14,000 microLEDs, and in total there was over 30 million microLEDs - 20% more than the number of microLEDs in a 4K display.


The main challenge in this installation was to recreate the look of the OLED panels, the light output, and the uniformity. According to PlayNitride, the microLEDs achieved this and even achieved better performance, and the long lifetime of the LED devices will hopefully make this installation last for a long time.

Posted: Oct 05,2023 by Ron Mertens