Samsung Electronics scraps its plans to release 77-inch microLED TVs in 2022

Towards the end of 2020, Samsung announced it's first "consumer" 110-inch 4K MicroLED TV, and then in early 2021 it said it will release smaller microLED TVs, including 77" and 88" models.

Samsung 2021 MicroLED TV photo

According to a new report from Korea, Samsung Electronics canceled its plans to release these smaller microLED TVs, as the company could not reduce prices enough and the asking price for a 77" microLED would not be attractive to customers.

Instead of the smaller-sized options, Samsung will focus on larger models - 88-inch, 101-inch and 114-inch. All these TVs will be based on an LTPS panel, and not on PCB like Samsung's current microLEDs. According to the report, the company is looking to source the TFT backplane from either Samsung Display or AU Optronics.

Posted: Nov 07,2021 by Ron Mertens