Glo partners with Kyocera and demonstrate a 1.8" Micro-LED display

US and Sweden based Micro-LED developer Glo has partnered with Japan-based display maker Kyocera to demonstrate a 1.8" Micro-LED display that features a resolution of 256x256 (200 PPI). For this demonstration panel, Kyocera provided the LTPS backplane and driving technology while glo provided its InGaN RGB micro-LEDs and its transfer technology.

Glo says its micro-LED technology enables the production of displays ranging from micro-displays to smartphone-sized panels, and have demonstrated several such panels at SID DisplayWeek 2019.

Earlier this year glo unveiled a 1.5-inch 264PPI 120Hz wearable display that produces 4,000 nits brightness in addition to a Silicon CMOS backplane 1000PPI 100,000 nits microdisplay.

Posted: Jun 02,2019 by Ron Mertens