Kopin and JBD to develop monochrome 2K microLED microdisplays

US-based Microdisplay developer Kopin announced an agreement with Jade Bird Display (JBD) to develop superbright monochrome microLED microdisplays. Kopin says that LED technology has the potential to enable super-high brightness and low power consumption displays.

JBD monochrome microdisplays (2017)

Under this new agreement, JBD will provide LED wafers and hybrid bonding service to Kopin who will used its own silicon backplanes to produce monochrome 2kx2k 1" microdisplays.

Kopin is currently producing LCD, LCoS and OLED microdisplays. The company developed several microLED display technologies (US 5,300,788, 5,453,405, 6,403,985).

Shanghai-based JBD, established in 2015,is already producing and selling VGA monochrome (red, green or blue) microLED microdisplays in its own pilot production line. In 2019 The company demonstrated high-pixel density (5,000 and 10,000 PPI) microdisplays, the 5,000 PPI one with a very high brightness of 2 million nits. In 2020 it announced a new 0.13" VGA microdisplay - which it says is the world's smallest microdisplay.

Jade Bird Display 0.13'' VGA MicroLED Microdisplay photo

Posted: Jan 08,2021 by Ron Mertens