See PlayNitride's latest flexible and transparent MicroLED prototypes

PlayNitride demonstrated its latest Micro-LED displays at SID DisplayWeek 2019, and the following recently-published video shows the company's booth and prototypes:

So first up we have a 7.56" 720x480 (114 PPI) transparent MicroLED display, which looks very impressive. This is the same Micro-LED display that TianMa demonstrated at its own booth. Interestingly, under direct light from it seems that the display is made from tiles - but PlayNitride says that the squares are made from the stamping process, and the company is developing technology that will remove these marks.




PlayNitride's 7.56'' transparent Micro-LED prototype display (SID DisplayWeek 2019)

Next PlayNitride shows a flexible Micro-LED prototype, produced on a polyimide substrate. The company did not disclose the exact size and specification.

PlayNitride flexible Micro-LED prototype, SID 2019

PlayNitride also shows a high-brightness, high-resolution display aimed towards weareable applications - one that can be seen even under direct light. This is a passive-matrix Micro-LED, that currently supports a refresh rate of up to 30Hz or so, but PlayNitride says that this can be increased with a different driver.

PlayNitride high-brightness high-density passive-matrix wearable Micro-LED prototype (SID 2019)

PlayNitride aims to release its first Micro-LED display products in 2019. In 2017 the company started to sample micro-LED panels and shipped samples to 10-20 potential customers. The company's chairman and CEO, Charles Li, said in June 2018 that 5-6 of these customers are continuing the developing of micro-LED modules based on these panels. The company is collaborating with Chinese display maker Tianma, and also with Taiwan-based OLED producer RiTDisplay and China-based CSoT.

In April 2018 Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology approved PlayNitride's application to setup a NT$500 million (US$17 million) production facility at Hsinchu Science Park. PlayNitride aims to produce micro LEDs, display modules and panels at its new facility at Hsinchu.

According to reports, Apple is in preliminary talks with PlayNitride towards a possible Micro-LED technology cooperation. For more information on PlayNitride's technology and status, click here.

Posted: Jul 19,2019 by Ron Mertens