Tianma demonstrated new microLED technologies at SID Displayweek 2021

Tianma demonstrated several new microLED display prototypes at SID Displayweek 2021. First up is a 7.56" 720x480 (114 PPI) flexible MicroLED display, developed in collaboration with PlayNitride. The display is driven by an LTPS backplane and achieves a brightness of over 600 nits. The bending radius is 50 mm.

The second display is a tiled display that combines two 5.04" 480x320 (114 PPI) LTPS microLED displays. This one was develop again in collaboration with PlayNitride. The border (bezel) of the panel is less than 0.03 mm - although looking carefully at the display you can see a black line separating the two panels.




The third display is very interesting - this one places a transparent microLED display in front of an ePaper display. The microLED is a 7.65" 480x720 (114 PPI, again) LTPS display (developed together, again, with PlayNitride - this seems to be the display demonstrated in 2019) and the ePaper is a 5.84" 648x480 (138 PPI) E Ink panel developed in collaboration with WeiFeng.

Posted: May 19,2021 by Ron Mertens