AU Optronics sees Micro-LED displays entering the market in the next 1-2 years

AU Optronics president, Paul Peng, says that he expects Micro-LED displays to enter the market within 1-2 years. The first displays will be large-area signage and small-sized VR displays. Micro-LEDs for the automotive market will take longer to commercialize - around 5 years.

AUO recently demonstrated a 12.1" LTPS micro-LED display prototype that features a resolution of 1920x720 (169 PPI). AUO discloses that this display was produced using the company's self-developed transfer process that can move 50,000 - 60,000 LEDs per transfer (AUO did not detail the time it takes to perform a single transfer, though). AUO is now developing repair technology to take care of damaged LEDs.

AUO's Micro-LED TFT display used blue LEDs with color conversion, which achieved "marvelous color performance", according to AUO.

AUO seems to lead a very impressive Micro-LED development effort. Only in July 2018 the company said that micro-LEDs are still too expensive and not ready for mass production yet - but it seems that the technology is progressing and the company is more optimistic now.

Posted: Sep 06,2019 by Ron Mertens