AU Optronics to demonstrate a 12.1" LTPS Micro-LED display prototype

AU Optronics announced that it will demonstrate a 12.1" LTPS micro-LED display prototype next week that features a resolution of 1920x720 (169 PPI). It seems that this is the same display shown at IFA 2018.

AUO 12.1'' LTPS micro-LED prototype (August 2019)

The 2018 display used blue LEDs with color conversion, which achieved "marvelous color performance", according to AUO.

AUO seems to lead a very impressive Micro-LED development effort, but in July 2018 the company says that micro-LEDs are still too expensive and not ready for mass production yet - even after years of R&D. AUO does plan to introduce micro-LEDs in "niche products" in the future.

In addition to this micro-LED display, AUO will also demonstrate new OLED display prototype (including its first ink-jet printed display and a foldable OLED panel) and mini-LED displays.

Posted: Aug 23,2019 by Ron Mertens