Tianma shows new microLED display prototypes

Tianma Microelectronics held its first "2021 Micro-LED Ecosystem Alliance Conference" in Xiamen, China, during which several producers and researchers gathered to discuss microLED technologies and challenges.

Tianma MicroLED display prototypes (2021-12)

During the conferences, Tianma showed several new microLED prototype display, including some new ones. The first display is a 9.38" 960x480 (222 um pixel pitch) transparent LTPS panel. Tianma's second-gen transparent panel features higher transparency (>70%), larger size and a refined TFT process compared to the company's first-gen transparent microLEDs shown in 2019.




This second display is a 11.6" 2470x960 (228 PPI) rigid LTPS microLED display which the company says is the world's first high-resolution medium-sized Micro-LED display that meets the requirements of high-end automotive display consoles or instruments.

The third display is a tiled microLED display, made from 5.04" 480x320 (222 um, again) panels. Tianma says that this display designed with gate-on-array (GOA) in pixels, while high-precision cutting technology and integrated packaging achieve a display with a spacing close to 0 mm. This seems to be the same panel shown in SID 2021.

The fourth display is a flexible 7.56" 720x480 (114 PPI) LTPS panel, that offers a curvature of 5 mm and a polyimide substrate. Again, this seems to be the same display shown in SID 2021.

Posted: Dec 19,2021 by Ron Mertens