Spotlight on ASMPT: a Microled Industry Association member

We're happy to interview ASMPT, as part of our new series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. ASMPT (formerly ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.) was founded in 1975 and is a leading global supplier of hardware and software solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors and electronics. 

Q: Hello! Can you introduce your company and technology?

We are a leading global supplier of hardware and software solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors and electronics. ASMPT is the only company in the world that offers high-quality solutions for all major steps in the electronics manufacturing process: from equipment to multi-factory-level automation concepts for smart manufacturing. From carrier for chip interconnection, to chip assembly and packaging, to Surface Mount Technology (SMT), ASMPT’s offerings encompass wafer deposition and laser grooving, to the various solutions that shape, assemble and package delicate electronic and optical components into a vast range of end-user devices; these include electronics, mobile communications, computing, automotive, industrial, LED & displays.

We have participated in Mini and Micro LED development since 2016. Our core technologies in Micro LED, mass transfer and mass bonding for Micro LED, have been well developed and successfully performing in customer sites worldwide.


Q: Can you say why you joined the microLED association and what it is you hope to achieve?

All players in the industry are working hard to commercialize Micro LED display. But the development effort seems quite dispersed. We should work close with other parties in the supply chain. Each of us gives full play on our own strong point and well co-operates with each other at the same time. Therefore, a good linking between each and every party would definitely be a great catalyst to Micro LED development.

Q: What is your biggest challenge, and success to date in the microLED industry?

Our big challenge should be finding some in tune partners or alliances during the product development process.

Over the years, we have successfully completed thousands of evaluations and supported customers to develop Micro LED products, such as smartwatch, transparent display, automotive display, tiled large display wall, etc, with different die size, pixel pitch, transparency, rigidity & stretchability of substrate… Over 90% of display prototypes in market are bonded by ASMPT equipment.

Q: Can you detail your latest prototype/demonstration?

The core technologies for Micro LED have been well-developed so we are now focusing on HVM, automation and some adjacent product development.

Q: How do you see microLEDs changing the display industry in the next 5-10 years?

In this ever-changing world, the forecast or trend of Micro LED development also keeps changing. In the very beginning stage, some researchers expected that Micro LED display would be firstly introduced in smartwatch, then automotive display & large video wall. But recently, the trend has been changed to large video display, followed by automotive display & smartwatch. What hasn’t been changed is that Micro LED display has been recognized as the next generation of display. By its unique properties, we believe that Micro LED would further explore new markets/ applications in display industry.

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Posted: Oct 10,2022 by Ron Mertens