Samsung Display looks to commercialize smartwatch microLED displays by the end of 2023

ETNews says that Samsung Display has launched a new project to develop microLED displays for smart watch applications. The company setup a new development team, with a goal to commercialize this technology and move it beyond its current R&D stage.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 photo

Samsung's plan, it seems, is to complete the development by the end of 2023, and then look into mass production, aiming to supply such displays to Tier-1 wearable makers such as Apple and Samsung Electronics.

The wearable market is relatively promising for microLEDs - as the small size and low pixel count makes it more feasible than other markets. Wearable devices will also highly benefit from the high brightness and efficiency of microLED displays compared to the currently-used AMOLEDs. This is also a large market in terms of unit sizes, and one that has place for premium devices so the high cost of microLED displays, at least in the first years, can be justified.

It has been estimated for many years that Apple is looking to adopt microLED displays in its smartwatch devices, and the latest rumor suggest that it aims to do so by 2024.

Several other companies beyond Samsung are also developing wearable microdisplays - including PlayNitride, AUO, Visionox, TCL-CSoT and more

Posted: Jan 14,2023 by Ron Mertens