JBD developed a commercial 500,000 nits red microLED emitter, says it shipped over 1 million microdisplays to date

China-based MicroLED microdisplay developer Jade Bird Display announced that it has developed a new red microLED emitter, that offers up to 500,000 nits of brightness at 2 micron sizes. JBD is now able to mass produce this new red microLED, and offers it in its 0.13" VGA monochrome red microdisplay.

Red microLED array, JBD

JBD also updates that it has shipped over 1 million microLED microdisplays to date, which as an extremely impressive number.

JBD's new red microLED is made from AlGaInP materials. JBD has been developing red microLED technologies for many years, and the company says that its new chips offer a very narrow emission spectrum which contributes to high color purity. The spectral half-wave width is only about 15nm (typcial InGaN-based red chips have a spectrum emission half-wave width of 50nm).

Earlier this month we reported that JBD is building a 650 million Yuan ($92 million USD) display production line in Hefei, China, that will have a yearly capacity of around 120 million panels.

JBD production line in Hefei (Render)

It is estimated that JBD will be able to produce around 120 million panels in this fab. In May 2020, JBD announced its 0.13" VGA microdisplay - which it says is the world's smallest microdisplay. The JBD4UM480P microLED display is a monochrome 640x480 0.13-inch display, that offered a brightness of 2 million nits (green), 200,000 nits (red) or 150,000 nits (blue), with a power consumption of a few hundred milliwatts under average operation conditions. Of course now it has upgraded the red version to 500,000 nits.

Jade Bird Display 0.13'' VGA MicroLED Microdisplay photo

Since the display introduction, JBD announced an impressive number of collaborations and customer wins - including with VuzixXiaomiWaveOptics and tooz.

Posted: Jun 29,2022 by Ron Mertens