JBD partners with tooz to develop microLED powered prescription waveguides

JBD announced a partnership with tooz to combine curved waveguide including prescription with a color microLED display engine.

Tooz and JBD - curved waveguide with a color micrOLED image

The two companies say that combining these two technologies enable sharp, full-color virtual screens, in a slim and stylish for factor, while fulfilling individual vision correction. The two companies will demonstrate a first prototype next week.

For the joint solution, JBD is using its unique display engine that combines three monochrome microLED display panels with a x-cube to form a polychrome display. The engine uses red, green and blue 0.13″ VGA panels, aligned aligned to the sides of a 5 mm x-cube resulting in a total volume of just 0.72 cubic centimeters.
Posted: Jan 21,2022 by Ron Mertens