eLux's CEO shares his views on the microLED industry and details his upcoming talk at MicroLED-Connect

US-based eLux was established in 2016 in the USA as a spin-out from Sharp Labs of America, with an aim to develop a massively parallel assembly (transfer) process that enable low cost manufacturing of microLED displays. eLux's president and CEO Jan-Jong Lee will give a lecture at the upcoming MicroLED-Connect virtual webinar on November 2023, and was kind enough to answer a few questions we had.

Hello JJ, can you give us a short intro to your company and microLED product/service?

eLux proprietary fluidic assembly technology (FSA) has several significant advantages over conventional mass transfer methods used for competing microLED displays. Most important is that massively parallel assembly can achieve assembly rates over 5 million devices per hour using simple equipment and assembly can be scaled up to Gen 6 backplanes. eLux welcomes collaboration IP license with display companies to introduce microLED displays to the market.


What will you talk about during the microLED Connect event?

The technology and performance of FSA µLED displays and comparison with other mass transfer technologies.

What do you think are the main challenges in the MicroLED Industry today?

Performance to justify price premium and cost reduction to penetrate mainstream market.

What market segments do you feel will be the first to adopt MicroLEDs?

MicroLED for information displays and home theater applications have been in market for several years. The high cost and reliability of these displays limit its market share.  The next potential MicroLED market is smart watch.  Again, the cost and reliability will determine its success.

A 2X8 tiled microLED display made by eElux in collaboration with a large display company shown at Touch Taiwan

A 2X8 tiled microLED display made by eLux in collaboration with a large display company shown in 2022

Which next-gen technologies do you think are most promising for the future of the microLED display industry?

FSA MicroLED to reduce the LED and manufacturing costs and to eliminate stamp mura can accelerate MicroLED adoption to information displays, home theater and automobile display applications.

Thank you JJ, looking forward to hearing your lecture in November!

Posted: Oct 02,2023 by Ron Mertens