The MicroLED Association reports over 400 downloads for its 2023 MicroLED industry roadmap

About two weeks ago, The MicroLED Industry Association published its first MicroLED Industry Roadmap and State-of-the-Industry document. The document has been well received, with over 400 downloads to date. In addition, over 400 downloads were recorded for other MicroLED Library documents in December, including the association's own white papers, and contributed materials from association members.

The 2024 MicroLED Roadmap covers the latest microLED technology trends, details the MicroLED Association’s roadmap and projections for the future of the microLED industry and market, by application segments. The summary edition can be downloaded here


Several leading technology news sites and blogs, from all over the world, announced the roadmap publication, here are some examples:

MicroLED Industry Association members can access the full document here, which includes detailed insights into technology and architectures, challenges and forecasts. The full members-only document also includes a proposed path towards cost reduction and discussions on LED technologies, wafers, backplanes, full-color displays and yields and processes. The MicroLED Association hopes that its document can help direct microLED technology developers towards the right path that converges with the rest of the industry's efforts towards the emergence of a viable microLED display industry.

Posted: Jan 01,2024 by Ron Mertens