Gallant Precision Machining

GPM logoGallant Precision Machining (GPM) was established in 1978 in Taiwan as a manufacturer of mold parts and components for semiconductor equipment, and the company started producing manufacturing equipment and process and automation equipment. GPM supplies equipment to the display, solar, PCB, biomedical, robot, and smart automation industries.

In 2018 GPM started developing Micro-LED equipment - including LED pick-and-transfer equipment, washing equipment and testing equipment.


Innocise logoGermany-based Innocise offers innovative adhesive systems for a wide range of industries.

Innocise offers a line of microhandling systems that can grip objects smaller than 20 microns, and these systems are suitable for microLED transfer.


KLA logoUS-based KLA Corporation produces production equipment for the semiconductors industry and other related industries. The company specializes in process control and yield management systems.

For the microLED industry, KLA, through its Orbotech subsidiary, offered inspection, testing and repair solutions for the complete microLED production process, from substrate and epiwafer deposition to mass transfer, driver ICs and final display validation. In early 2024 the company announced it is withdrawing from the display inspection market.

LC Square

LC Square logoKorea-based LC SQUARE develops microLED display production technologies.

The company's core technologies assist in LED transfer processes, including bonding and interposer components.

Lead Intelligent Equipment

Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment (LEAD) is a multinational company based in Wuxi, China, that designs and sells production equipment for a diverse range of industries, including batteries, solar energy, logistics, automotive, energy and more.

For the microLED industry, LEAD offers laser equipment for mass transfer, laser lift-off (LLO) and also for wafer trimming.


Canada-based LightMachinery, established in 2002, produces and markets lasers, optical components and spectrometers 

In 2009, the company acquired the pulsed gas laser product lines of GSI Lumonics. For the display industry, LightMachinery offers excimer laser sources used in microLED production.

LuxNour Technologies

LuxNour logoUS-based LuxNour Technologies is a developer of precision equipment technology capable of transferring a massive number of microLEDs in a high volume production environment.

LuxNour patented a Pattern-Sensitive Head (PSH) transfer stamp that utilizes electromagnetic force to transfer microLEDs. The company also offers a unique microLED release and singulation process, from their native substrate, based on wet etch process.



Morphotonics, based in The Netherlands, designs and producers production systems based on the company’s unique roll-to-plate nano-imprinting technology. Morphotonics offers R&D systems, pilot lines and full-scale industrial systems.

For the microLED industry, Morphotonics offers a mass transfer system, where the nano-imprnting solution is used as a flexible stamping system. The company's equipment can also be used to deposit nano-scale structures on the display itself, which can be used to increase LED efficiency, or provide extra functionality.

Nano X

NanoEX logoKorea-based Nano X was established in 2017. The company develops and markets semiconductor equipment, for two main markets: fuel cells and LED-based displays.

Nano X offers an EL test system for MiniLED and microLED displays, based on its iEPt ( integrated Elastic Probe) technology. The equipment is used for testing of TV displays.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Oxford Instruments logoOxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT), part of the Oxford Instruments group, is a provider of dry etching and deposition solutions for Micro and Nanofabrication, based on the company's plasma, ion beam, etch and atomic layer deposition (ALD) technologies.

OIPT is actively involved in MicroLED development, supplying solutions to key players such as ITRI, Taiwan and VueReal, Canada. The solutions address the demanding requirements for mini and MicroLED fabrication. Products range from clustered cassette-to-cassette platforms for high-throughput production processing to compact stand-alone systems for R&D.


Plasma-Therm logoUS-based Plasma-Therm produces plasma etch, deposition, and advanced packaging equipment for specialty semiconductor and nanotechnology markets.

Plasma-Therm sells etch and deposition equipment to several microLED developers.


US-based PulseForge designs and manufactures pulsed-light systems for industrial processes – from manufacturing to decontamination. PulseForge systems deliver high-intensity pulsed white and UV light with a high level of control. PulseForge offers its equipment for many industries, including semiconductors, energy, consumer electronics, food and beverages, textiles and transportation.

For the MicroLED industry, the company offers photonic debonding tools that uses high-intensity pulses of light and reusable, light-absorbing layer carriers to debond temporarily bonded microLEDs.

SCIL Nanoimprint solutions

SCIL was spun-off from Philips in 2023, to commercialize a nano-imprinting technology called Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography, capable of providing high precision and high volume production capabilities. SCIL equipment has been shipping since 2017.

For the MicroLED market, SCIL offers a high-throughput transfer process solution. The company is also looking into using the technology to assist in RGB epiwafer LED growth.

Shashin Kagaku

Shashin Kagaku logoShashin Kagaku, based in Japan, is a producer of equipment for printed electronics, additive printing and test equipment. The company also holds a media company for PR and sales support (Shashin Kagaku Media).

Shashin Kagaku develops equipment for the mass transfer of mini and micro LEDs. The company's MicroLED equipment is distributed globally by Nagase.

Singulus Technologies

Germany-based Singulus technologies produces manufacturing equipment systems for photovoltaics, semiconductors (including MRAM technology) and optical discs.

For the microLED industry, Singulus offers its TIMARIS thin-film coating systems.

STAr Technologies

STAr Technologies logoSTAr Technologies, established in 2000 and headquartered in Taiwan, develops test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

In March 2021 STAr Technologies introduced an advanced integrated test system for Micro-LED displays.


UK-based Teknek, a subsidiary of ITW, is a pioneer in contact cleaning for reel-to-reel and sheet-to-sheet processes. Teknek provides its cleaning equipment for a wide range of industries, from advanced electronics to labels and glass.

For the display industry, Teknek offers contact cleaning equipment for the elimination of contamination and the removal of visual and functional defects. The company's machines are typically used before the display assembly and for the cleaning of display films such as diffuser and prism films.


Tetos logoTetos, established in 2010 in Korea, develops ion beam surface treatment, sputtering and plating process equipment  for R&D and production.

In early 2023 Tetos announced that it has developed automated sputtering tools aimed towards side wiring for tiled microLED displays. The company announced that BOE ordered such systems for its microLED project aiming to develop displays for wearables and VR devices.