Top Engineering

Top Engineering, established in 2013 and based in Korea, produces equipment for the production and testing of batteries, camera modules and displays.

For the MicroLED industry, Top Engineering offers non-contact testing equipment for high speed inspection of micro/mini LED Chips in a COW(Chip on Wafer) status.

Toray Engineering

Toray Engineering logoJapan-based Toray Engineering supplies manufacturing and testing equipment for the semiconductor and display industries.

For the MicroLED industry, Toray Engineering offers its inspection equipment, the INSPECTRA series. The equipment can be used for testing, quality control and repair of MicroLED devices.


ULVAC, based in Japan and founded in 1952 is an international corporation that designs, manufacturers and markets equipment and materials for industrial applications of vacuum technology.

For the microLED industry, ULVAC offers sputtering (transparent conductive layer deposition) and etching systems (used to create conical shape on the surface of the substrate to increase light reflection efficiency). 


US-based Uniqarta developed IC assembly processes. The company's Laser Enabled Advanced Placement (LEAP) technology replaces conventional pick-and-place assembly methods with an ultra-fast, massively parallel laser technique.

Uniqarta also has developed an assembly process it calls FlexChip that can overcome integration issues in ultra-thin ICs for use in flexible electronics. In February 2021 Uniqarta was acquired by Kulicke & Soffa.


V-Technology logoEstablished in 1997 in Japan, V-Technology develops and provides production systems for the display, solar and LED industries.

For display production, V-technology offers exposure systems, color filter processes and polarization film production systems. The company has an active microLED project and is developing microLED mass transfer technologies.



Veeco logoVeeco Instruments produces processs equipment for several markets, mainly the LED, PV and data storage markets.

For the display market Veeco provides Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) equipment and Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) products. The company's MOCVD deposition equipment can be used for microLED production, and the company sold several such systems to microLED developers.


Korea-based WEVE, established in 2014, develops microLED inspection equipment based on confocal raman microscopy.

WEVE's inspection systems offers non-contact and non-destructive inspection, simultaneous AOI and PL, sub-micron high-resolution inspection and automated inspection.

X Display Corporation

Xdisplay logoX Display Corporation (XDC) was spun-off from Ireland-based X-Celeprint to commercialize its patented Micro-Transfer-Printing (μTP) technology for the MicroLED display market.

XDC's technology is based on elastomer stamp transfer printing and microIC backplanes. As of early 2020, XDC owns and has rights to over 400 worldwide microLED display patents.


In early 2020 XDC finalized its Series A investment round, led by Daktronics. In October 2020 XDC and Lextar entered into development, licensing and services agreements.


Ireland-based X-Celeprint, a wholly-owned subsidiary of XTRION N.V. is developing a patented elastomer stamp Micro-Transfer-Printing technology developed by Professor John Rogers and colleagues at the University of Illinois.

X-Celeprint technology is based on elastomer stamp transfer printing. The company currently offers a line of R&D micro-transfer-printing tools and expects to release mass-production tools in the near future.


In 2019 X-Celeprint spun-off its display related business to xDisplay.