XTPL launches an ultra-precise inkjet printing platform with support for microLED interconnection printing

Poland-based inkjet printing pioneer XTPL has launched its latest printing system, the Ultra-Precise Dispensing (UPD) System that enables the printing of high-precision electronically conductive or insulating structures.

The new systems are suitable for industrial production, and XTPL is targeting the display market, and specifically the microLED display market with its new systems. For microLED developers, UPD offers the ability to deposit precise conductive interconnections, supporting the integration of the microLEDs into heterogeneous microelectronic systems. These interconnections manage control, driving, and power distribution for microLEDs, expanding potential applications in AR/VR devices, smartwatches, automotive displays, and more.


The new UPD inkjet printing platform features:

  • Extremely high-resolution printed structures (even below 1 µm)
  • Support for most industry substrates including flexible and rough
  • A wide range of printing capabilities, such as straight lines, intricate patterns, and microdots

The UPD system offers high customization of the shape, width, length, and distance between the structures to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

UPD provides ultra-precise dispensing of conductive microbumps for 3D integrated circuits, advanced packaging, or system-on-chip designs. Moreover, UPD enables ultra-precise dispensing of conductive or insulating material to microvias in advanced packaging techniques like flip-chip and through-silicon via (TSV) technologies, improving connections, thermal management, and miniaturisation in advanced packaging applications.

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Posted: Dec 06,2023 by Ron Mertens