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Toray Engineering teams up with Advantest to offers combined inspection, transfer and mounting microLED production systems

Toray Engineering announced a technical partnership with semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation, to promote efficient combined production systems for miniLEDs and microLED displays.

Toray Engineering will able to offer a combined inspection, transfer, and mounting systems, by data linking its systems with Advantest's inspection equipment. The company says that these integrated systems will enable the acceleration of microLED R&D and production. 

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Oxford Instruments installs its 200 mm ALD passivation tool at a UK-based microLED microdisplay developer

UK-based Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology announced that it has installed one of its 200 mm atomic layer deposition (ALD) passivation systems at a UK microLED provider, in order to support the customer's latest AR microdisplay development and production. The OIPT system is used to deposit high-K dielectric ultra-thin films for high-density, very high-brightness, low-power and high frame-rate RGB pixel arrays.

OIPT says that its low-damage plasma ALD technology is optimized for smaller dies with smaller active areas, and was shown in some cases by its customers at ICNS to double external quantum efficiency. 

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Comptek's CEO gives us the latest updates and his views on the microLED industry, towards Comptek's upcoming talk at MicroLED-Connect

Finland-based Comptek Solutions develops passivation technology solutions for III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices, based on its novel surface treatment process. Comptek's research leader Marjukka Tuominen will give a talk at the upcoming MicroLED-Connect startup showcase event on February 2024, and Comptek's CEO and co-founder, Vicente Calvo Alonso, was kind enough to send us a short update on the company's technology and status, and his views on the microLED industry and market.

Q: Hello Vicente, thank you for your time. Can you tell us a bit about Comptek, your technology and current status?

Comptek Solutions is an expert in passivation technology solutions for III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices. With our novel surface treatment process, KontroxTM, we are able to control how the oxidation process happens on the surface of the compound materials, and for the first time ever, we can create high quality, crystalline native oxides which are thermodynamically stable and present very low levels of surface state defects.

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XTPL launches an ultra-precise inkjet printing platform with support for microLED interconnection printing

Poland-based inkjet printing pioneer XTPL has launched its latest printing system, the Ultra-Precise Dispensing (UPD) System that enables the printing of high-precision electronically conductive or insulating structures.

The new systems are suitable for industrial production, and XTPL is targeting the display market, and specifically the microLED display market with its new systems. For microLED developers, UPD offers the ability to deposit precise conductive interconnections, supporting the integration of the microLEDs into heterogeneous microelectronic systems. These interconnections manage control, driving, and power distribution for microLEDs, expanding potential applications in AR/VR devices, smartwatches, automotive displays, and more.

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ETRI researchers develop a highly efficient semiconductor chip packaging technology, applicable for microLED production

Researchers from Korea's ETRI institute developed a new chip packaging material, that is said to reduce the power consumption of the process by 95%, and reduce the number of required stages from 8 to 3. This could make semiconductors production much more efficient and lower in cost. 

The technology is applicable to all high-end semiconductor production - including microLED production. Indeed the team reports that they have reached out to several microLED developers to evaluate the technology, and the initial testing has been very positive. The material could be commercialized in three years.

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Comptek Solutions raises 8 million Euro in its Series A funding round

Finland based Comptek Solutions announced that it has successfully closed its its Series A funding round, raising a total of 8 million Euro, from the Horizon Europe EIC Fund, LIFTT (Italian venture firm) and an undisclosed key strategic partner.

The funds will be used to accelerate Comptek's technology implementation, and scale up its growth. Comptek was founded in 2017, and develops passivation technology for Optoelectronics and power applications.

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Kulicke & Soffa to extend its collaboration with TSMT to enhance its micro-LED placement solutions

Kulicke and Soffa (K&S) announced that it is extending its long-term collaboration with surface mounting technology expert TSMT, to further enhance K&S' mini-LED and micro-LED placement solutions and get it ready for mass-volume adoption.

Kulicke & Soffa Luminex system photo

K&S offers its LUMINEX laser-based transfer solution, and the company now updates that it is working, together with TSMT, to enhance the yield from 99.99% to 99.999%. 

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Veeco is optimistic about the microLED industry, but it does not expect any large orders until 2025

Veeco reports its financial results for Q2 2023, with revenues of $162 million (towards the high-end of its guidance) with a net income of $24 million.

Veeco Propel GaN MOCVD system photo

Veeco says it remains committed to its microLED opportunities, as its long-term outlook on the microLED industry is positive. In the short term, however, it has sold some GaN-on-Silicon tools, but it has seen market pushing out about a year, and does not expect any significant orders until 2025.

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A spotlight on 3D Micromac: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview 3D Micromac, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Germany-based 3D-Micromac is the industry leader in laser micromachining and roll-to-roll laser systems. The company offers laser equipment for µLED forward transfer, lift-off and repair process steps - ready for high volume production.

Hello, can you introduce your company and technology?

Frank Richter (Head of Sales at 3D Micromac): 3D-Micromac has established itself as a leader in laser micromachining and a pioneer of new production technologies for various industries for the last 20 years. This especially applies to the excimer and ultra-short pulse laser technology.

We have extensive experience applying innovative laser technology to new and emerging applications to support their volume-production requirements. For MicroLED production, ultra-high precision in combination with the highest reliability and stability is needed. These are core competencies of 3D-Micromac.

Our product portfolio includes several laser-based system solutions for various manufacturing steps in the MicroLED production process. All systems offer integrated process control and monitoring to assure stable and reliable operation, thus enabling high throughput and low yield losses. 

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