Aixtron is upbeat on the microLED industry, says orders for its production tools have started to kick in

During Aixtron's Q1 2022 financial results conference call the company's CEO made some interesting comments on its microLED business and the market in general.

Aixtron says that it sees the microLED display industry advancing "as expected". Demand for its microLED production tools has "started to kick in". The company is "increasingly confident" that we will 'soon' see commercial microLED displays on the market.

STAr Technologies reintroduce UNICORN-LAIT II Parallel Micro-LED Tester

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With Micro-LED moving from Engineering to Production, a near-zero tolerance for bad pixel, ultra-small pitch probing, automatic electrical and optical measurement systems need to step up. With STAr’s enhanced Unicorn-LAIT II addresses these stricter testing requirements and with its unique parallel test architecture for electrical, driver functionality, RGB, optical testing capabilities.

STAr Unicorn LAIT-II advanced integrated test system photo

STAr Unicorn-LAIT II Advanced Integrated Test System

Unicorn-LAIT II is an advanced high throughput LED test system, that caters for dies in hundreds of thousands to millions of LED per wafer. High Parallelization allows the customer to significantly reduce the Cost of Test and Test Time. The system provides critical measurements for Mini/Micro-LEDs and integrates parallel testing with the electrical, optical measurement with probe station and probe cards in one system, offering a comprehensive analysis result to industry users.

HC Semitek to use Aixtron's G5+ C MOCVD systems for microLED production

Aixtron announced that Wuhan-based HC Semitek is using Aixtron's Planetary AIX 2800G4-TM (IC2) and AIX G5+ C MOCVD systems to produce microLEDs. All of these systems, shipped in Q4 2021, feature a configuration of 8x6 inches.

Aixtron says that this AIX G5+ C system uses wafer-level control (based on Auto-Feed Forward) of the film surface temperature during the epitaxial process in combination with Ultraviolet (UV) pyrometry. This warrants, according to Aixtron, a very accurate control of the Indium incorporation into the Multi-Quantum wells (MQW), which will ultimately define the wavelength consistency among all produced wafers

Bolite Optoelectronics launches a new laser-based side-wiring solution

Taiwan-based laser micromachining subsystem and equipment manufacturer Bolite Optoelectronics announced its new automated side-wiring system, the laser-based Bolite SW-L, which can be used for the production of tiled microLED displays.

Bolite SW-L system photo

This laser-based tool offers high-precision alignment, advanced process control, and full automation with robotic handling. The minimum line with and spacing is 5 um. Bolite says that this system is highly compatible with TFT production processes. The SW-L systems are now available, and Bolite is already accepting orders.

Coherent publishes new white paper to discuss the role of lasers in microLED production

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Coherent is a leading global supplier of lasers and photonics technology. For the MicroLED industry, Coherent provides several solutions from a single laser source, optical systems up to an integrated system for the three vital processes in MicroLED fabrication – Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), and Repair/Trimming.

Coherent recently published a new white paper that provides an update on how high-energy ultraviolet laser beams enable LLO and LIFT processes. The white paper shows the importance of a perfect combination of laser and optical design to a how these lasers ensure placement accuracy and mass transfer that will remain future-proof as microLED chip die size continues to shrink.

Applied Materials Baccini Cell Systems provides advanced screen printing solutions for microLED production

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Applied Materials Baccini Cell Systems provides advanced screen-printing solutions and systems for a wide range of applications - including for MicroLED production.

Here is an interview we conducted with Applied Materials' Director of Global Product Marketing, Daniel Hada, who details the company's solutions for MicroLED production and R&D.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Applied Materials' Baccini systems? What kind of systems are you offering?

We provide advanced screen-printing solutions for both R&D applications and high volume manufacturing. All Baccini systems are built for sheet-to-sheet printing, either on flexible or rigid substrates. In addition to our screen-printing capabilities, we also provide customers with different drying and curing solutions, in-line inspection systems to monitor the quality of the print immediately after the print, and fully automated print lines to enable low cost, and high volume manufacturing. Utilizing Baccini’s Esatto technology which provides high accuracy and high print repeatability, we developed the Double Print technology years ago, to allow print on print capability for printing narrow lines/small features with high aspect ratios and to minimize interruptions in the printed lines.

Toray Industries announced new materials for microLED production

Toray Industries announced several new materials suitable for microLED production. The materials were developed in collaboration with Toray Engineering, developer of production and inspection equipment for the microLED industry.

Toray Industries MicroLED process materials (2021-12 slide)

The new materials announced today are a laser-transfer release material, a bonding material and a substrate side-wire material (used in a tiled display architecture). The bonding material and the side-wire material are both based on Toray's RAYBRID proprietary photosensitive conductive material.

STAr Unicorn LAIT Series Mini- and Micro-LED Test System

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The testing requirements for small pitch Mini- and Micro- LEDs are increasing in response to the growth of new LED displays. STAr Technologies’ Unicorn-LAIT series test systems, the advanced high throughput testers, integrate probe station, parallel test instruments, and probe card to meet the mass production needs for Micro-LED and Mini-LED testing.

STAr Unicorn LAIT Mini- and Micro-LED Test System photo

STAr Unicorn-LAIT Mini- and Micro-LED Test System

STAr Unicorn-LAIT series is equipped with EMI shielded chamber for high-speed LED testing in an ultra-low noise environment. Magic-A200e probe station allows alignment of up to 6-inch wafers and automatic test probing with Multi-DUT LED probe cards. The closed-loop XYZ stages and coaxial microscopes provide the best accuracy in multi-LED stepping and high-resolution scanning and probing. In addition, the porous ceramic chuck (with auxiliary chucks) enables cleaning and contact-check to enhance LED test performance and dependable results.