XDC installs the world's first 300mm elastomer stamp based microLED transfer tool

MicroLED display technology developer X Display Company (XDC) announced that it installed the world's first 300 mm elastomer stamp based mass MicroLED transfer equipment late in 2020. This tool was installed in the US and the company hopes to start shipping several similar tools for its customers later in 2021.

X-Display Corp 300 mm microLED transfer equipment photo

XDC spun out of X-celeprint in 2019 and retained the equipment organization from that transaction. XDC has over 15 years of experience with mass transfer micro printing technologies, and is offering a range of tools for microLED transfer, suitable for R&D work and industrial-scale production.




XDC MicroLED display prototype, February 2022

The 300 mm size refers to the target wafer size in this equipment. This tool is used to transfer microLEDs from the original epiwafer source onto a second substrate. This substrate could be the final display substrate or could be a wafer with microICs that are later transferred together with the bonded microLEDs to the final display substrate. This new 300 mm tool can accept input wafers of all sizes, including 300 mm silicon wafers.

Posted: Feb 04,2021 by Ron Mertens