A spotlight on ClassOne: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview ClassOne Technology, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. ClassOne develops and sells high-performance electroplating and wet processing systems for the manufacture of advanced microelectronics, for both R&D and high-volume fab environments. For the microLED industry, ClassOne offers its Solstice single wafer electroplating and wet process platform, in addition to its reactor technology for the industry.

Q: Can you introduce your company and technology?

Joe Gaustad, Product Manager, ClassOne Technology: At ClassOne, our mission is to deliver the world’s highest performing and most elegantly designed electroplating and wet processing systems for the manufacture of advanced microelectronics. Engineered for maximum efficiency and flexibility on the manufacturing floor, our systems offer a comprehensive range of electroplating and wet process solutions validated, tested, fab proven, and designed for top performance in both high-volume and R&D fab environments.

Q: Can you say why you joined the microLED Industry Association and what it is you hope to achieve?

ClassOne has many customers in the burgeoning microLED industry.  Our company knows what it takes to support new companies and technologies as they build to market success. Paying close attention to the industry will enable us to continue offering the valuable solutions they need as their technologies and markets mature.

Q: What is your biggest challenge, and success to date in the microLED industry?

Our key expertise is in interconnect and advanced packaging needs for microLED.  There are multiple strategies in development for connecting CMOS drivers to the microLED array, and we are assisting our customers in both hardware and process know-how. Our ability to engage and help companies ramp mature process flows, as well as jointly develop novel techniques such as hybrid bonding, makes us an ideal partner for the microLED industry.

Q: Can you detail your latest prototype/demonstration?

Our latest product launched is our Solstice SP (Surface Preparation).  This builds on our proven Solstice platform with key, single-wafer technologies for solvent strip, metal liftoff, wet etch and cleans. We use our facedown processing architecture to provide safer, simpler, and more effective on-wafer results. These additional capabilities complement our core electroplating technology well, and microLED customers have been enthusiastic about Solstice’s performance.

Q: How do you see microLEDs changing the display industry in the next 5-10 years?

Most of our microLED customers aspire to create small-form-factor AR/VR displays that can bring data and information to users in more convenient and powerful ways.  This will transform the display industry as smaller, more personal displays displace phone, laptop, and console-based units. Whether heads-up displays used in everyday life or mixed-reality systems providing step-by-step instructions for performing complex tasks like surgery, AR/VR eyewear can be a powerful and useful tool to people everywhere. We are excited to see how this hardware will be used to revolutionize the way humans consume and use information.

Posted: Jan 30,2023 by Ron Mertens