Reliance announces the JioGlass, a VR HMD based on dual full-color microLED microdisplays

India's Reliance announced the JioGlass, a VR HMD that is reportedly based on dual full-color FHD microLED microdisplays. This is an interesting product as it is the first one we are aware of that uses such commercial microLED microdisplays. It may be that these are actually OLED microdisplays, and the reports are inaccurate as is sometimes the case.

The JioGlass create a 100-inch virtual screen in front of the view, and the two microidsplays enable a 40 degrees FOV. The HMD connects via USB to any iOs or Android smartphone, or to a laptop. The HMD is designed by Tesseract, an India-based startup that was acquired by Reliance.

Posted: Nov 03,2023 by Ron Mertens