Plessey aims to bring a monolithic GaN-on-Silicon MicroLED display to the market by H1 2018

Plessey logoUK-based Plessey Semiconductor announced that it aims to be the first to market with a monolithic microLED based display based on GaN-on-Silicon in H1 2018. The company also announced a new licensing program that will enable third parties to license its GaN-on-Silicon microLED IP and expertise.

Plessey says that GaN-on-Silicon is the only technology that can address all the production challenges for MicroLED displays in high volumes. The company's main business will be its licensing platform, but it aims to bring to market its own displays to demonstrates its expertise.

Plessey's monolithic process does not require a pick-and-place stage, and so it can enable high resolution and smaller displays compared to other solutions.

Posted: Jan 05,2018 by Ron Mertens