Launching the MicroLED Industry Association to promote the microLED industry

Today we are happy and proud to announce a new MicroLED Industry Association, created to help accelerate the adoption of microLED display technologies.

The new association will bring together companies, academia and organizations active in the MicroLED industry and provide an ideal forum for solving common technology issues, fostering cooperation and sharing relevant information, resources and tools. The association will also work to promote its member companies, their technologies and products.

You can read more about the MicroLED Industry Association, including the complete list of member benefits, here:

This page is still at an early stage, and we are working on a new design which will be updated shortly.

The Association is open to all related companies, and a yearly membership costs $3,000 - but we are currently offering a 15% discount to new members.

This is a new association, but we are already receiving have very good support from the industry, and our first members include Coherent, PlayNitride, VueReal, Stratacache, ALLOS Semiconductors, Inziv and QustomDot, with more members to join soon.

Please contact us here for more information, ideas and comments on the new association.

Posted: Jul 13,2022 by Ron Mertens