InZiv Ships MicroLED Characterization Equipment

Israel-based display characterization and inspection equipment maker InZiv has recently announced the shipment of a high-resolution pixel characterization tool to an undisclosed Tier-1 consumer electronics company.

InZiv high-resolution microLED pixel characterization tool closeup photo

InZiv’s tool offers MicroLED defect detection on the wafer and pixel level with unprecedented sub-micron resolutions. Measuring luminescence, spectral wavelengths and 3D structure at the highest resolutions, the equipment enables the identification and the source of defects, accelerating product time to market.




The company’s equipment is suitable for MicroLEDs, OLEDs, QLEDs and other display types and is based on a combination of high-resolution optical microscopy, spectroscopy, and topographical mapping.

InZiv says that its multidimensional inspection technology provides correlated data across multiple planes all in one integrated tool that can provide the most accurate and comprehensive data in the industry.

InZiv high-resolution microLED pixel characterization tool photo

InZiv is developing tools for all strata of the microLED manufacturing chain: characterization tools for developers and inspection tools for manufacturers. Employing InZiv’s technology in production environments will enable the early detection of defects and yield improvement. The company reports that industrial systems will include fast-mapping technology, as well as advanced AI for quick defect detection and classification.

Posted: Apr 01,2020 by Ron Mertens