A spotlight on WEVE: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to introduce WEVE , a South Korean microLED inspection solution developer. The company collaborates with Korea’s largest display manufacturers, and is now approaching the global markets with its systems and solutions.

Can you introduce your company and technology?

WEVE is based in South Korea, and we specialize in Micro LED inspection solutions. Our technology is trusted by the biggest display manufacturers in Korea. We closely cooperate with industry-leading companies from Taiwan, Europe, and China. As a key technological partner of leading manufacturers, we have had to keep our operations out of the light for some time, which is why there is not much information about us available yet.

We do simultaneous AOI, PL, and Color difference analysis (xyY) of CoW, Epi-Wafers, and panels. We provide highly accurate, stable, and reliable solutions that can withstand high-volume inspections and the hardships of 24/7 heavy operations. I believe that WEVE is among the world's top companies by the total number of Micro LED wafers inspected thanks to our partners and customers who on one hand required us to keep things low but on the other, opened rare opportunities to sharpen our technology. Significant Inspection volumes provided valuable insights and experience needed to be at the frontier of the inspection field.


Can you say why you joined the MicroLED Industry Association and what it is you hope to achieve as a member?

The main reason for joining the microLED association is to spotlight our technology, experience, and capabilities. Since NDAs and other agreements have started to ease for us, we now want to expand our network and help other companies to increase the quality of their products. I truly believe that the Micro LED Industry Association is the right place to do so.

What is your biggest challenge, and success to date in the microLED industry?

It would be fair to say that the biggest challenge for many companies in the microLED inspection is to prove that a particular inspection method of theirs is most suitable for high-volume inspection. We faced similar obstacles at the beginning of our journey as well. Luckily things are different for us now. We have been able to successfully prove time after time that our technology is solid and most importantly applicable to the realities of mass production. Constantly accumulating data and feedback from our customers and partners makes us believe that we are on the right path.

Can you detail your latest prototype/demonstration?

Some companies specialize in Automated Optical Inspection, others do Photoluminescence inspection, and a few analyze the color. What we can do is all three (AOI, PL, and Color difference analysis xyY) simultaneously. There are fundamental clashes that prevent other companies from easily combining such inspections into one. Capturing defects at high speed is one problem, the other an even bigger one is properly processing tens of gigabytes of data from just one wafer. Our bright software and optical engineers could successfully deploy and integrate systems that are capable of inspecting (AOI+PL+xyY) one 6-inch Cow (or Epi-Wafer) in under 10 minutes. We constantly run samples for our existing partners and help new ones to learn more about our capabilities.

How do you see microLEDs changing the display industry in the next 5-10 years?

Micro LED has a lot of issues and obstacles that we all have to deal with now. We keep seeing improvements in production methods all the time and it gives us strength and energy to push harder. Hopefully, in 5-10 years, we will be able to buy Micro LED-based consumer products for a reasonable price, which would be a solid statement for the beginning of a new era. As for now, the industry has to put a lot of ingenuity and resources into overcoming existing obstacles. Since Micro LED has great potential and we all work hard on improving it, solving the problems will be just a matter of time.

Thank you, and good luck to you and WEVE!

Posted: Jun 25,2024 by Ron Mertens