Foxconn is increasing its Micro-LED involvement

In May 2018 we reported that Foxconn is stepping up its Micro-LED R&D efforts, and the company acquired US-based micro-LED assembly process developer eLux and also acquired a 7.32% stake in Taiwan-based LED developer and producer Epileds Technologies specifically with an aim to get access to Epileds' Micro-LED technologies.

Foxconn production line photo

According to Economic Daily News, the Foxconn Group is increasing its Micro-LED involvement, gearing up three of its subsidiaries to push forward with Micro-LED development - Advanced Optoelectronic Technology (AOT) Epileds and Marktech.

AOT is said to be able to produce mini-LED chips and is also developing micro-LED devices. While Epileds is focused on mini and Micro-LED epitaxial wafer production. LCD equipment supplier Marketech announced it has completed a collaborative project with Belgium-based Imec that developed micro-LED testing chip implantation equipment. According to the report the Marketch-Imec team has also received orders for equipment for the mass transfers of LED chips.

Posted: Apr 30,2019 by Ron Mertens