In May 2020, Compound Photonics (CP) announced that its high-performance digital backplane is available for microLED developers to integrate into complete microdisplay subsystems. In August 2020 CP formally announced the platform, under the IntellPix brand.

Compound Photonics MicroLED Innovation Acceleration Center (MiAC)

Compound Photonics now announced the MicroLED Innovation Acceleration Center (MiAC) in Chandler, Arizona. CP says that the MiAC (which will inaugurate in January 2021) will be the first industry known fab in the world dedicated to accelerate the time-to-market of sub 5 µm pixel monolithically integrated microLED displays. The facility will serve as a hub for microLED developers that want to use the workspace to deliver innovative process solutions to accelerate microLED R&D - from prototypes to products.

Compound Photonics updates us that the equipment at MiAC will include machines for:

  • Wafer treatment (CMP, cleaning, planarization, deposition)
  • Wafer scale and device bonding
  • Dicing, packaging into integrated microdisplay modules
  • Hardware and software for electroics validation and testing
  • Optical lab for pixel testing andoverall display performance evaluation