Compound Photonics says its microLED digital backplane is now available for microLED microdisplay developers

Compound Photonics (CP) announced that its high-performance digital backplane is available for microLED developers to integrate into complete microdisplay subsystems. CP re-engineered its existing LCoS backplane to drive microLED pixels. The backplane supports 0.26" FHD displays.

microLED developers can utilize this backplane and also use CP’s monolithic integrated display module that supports a direct MIPI input and 240Hz refresh rates, packaged into a compact subsystem.

In October 2019 MicroLED microdisplay developer Plessey Semiconductor announced a partnership with Compound Photonics to co-develop microLED display modules. Later in February 2020 the two companies announced that the first fully addressable microLED display module, using the same 0.26" FHD backplane and Plessey's monochrome green microLEDs, was produced and tested.

Plessey continued to be quasi-acquired by Facebook, and other microLED makers can now utilize CP's platform.

Posted: May 08,2020 by Ron Mertens