High Throughput Micro-LED Test Probe and Solution

This is a sponsored post by STAr Technologies

With more and more mature technology for Mini- and Micro-LEDs fabrication, manufacturers are gearing up for the production phase and critically looking for more test efficiency and fast testing for the optical devices. STAr Technologies, as the leading Mini- and Micro-LEDs tester supplier continuously develops measurement technology to enhance optical testing capabilities and parallel test efficiency and to achieve cost-effective high-volume production.

Image: STAr Unicorn-LAIT II Tester Equipped EMI Shielded Test Environment

STAr’s Unicorn-LAIT II tester is designed to meet diverse industry requirements and to ensure accurate and reliable measurement results in the shortest amount of test time, based on an integrated parallel test architecture. The tester is ideal for electrical, optical measurement, driver functionality, RGB testing, etc. The tester is equipped with high efficient Dark and EMI Shield test environment dedicated to LED and Laser Applications. The system can be upgradeable with an autoloader for a fully automatic test with a cassette.

STAr’s Unicorn Mini- and Micro LEDs tester is based on a flexible architecture platform supporting small pads probing with controlled needle force. The Mini- and Micro LEDs tester integrates parallel testing with a probe station, and probe card and offers comprehensive analysis results to industry users. Unicorn Mini- and Micro LEDs tester efficiently accomplishes manufacturers’ expectations for high throughput production to meet their customer’s assembly requirements.

“To Mini- and Micro-LEDs manufacturers, test time and the reliable result are the key factors for product strategy. Unicorn-LAIT II is a high throughput tester to cater for dies in hundreds of thousands to millions of optical devices per wafer and allows industry users to significantly reduce the cost of testing,” said Dr. ChoonLeong LOU, CEO & CTO of STAr Technologies.

For more product information, please refer to FPD & LED Test Solution.

Posted: Nov 28,2022 by Ron Mertens