Vuzix teams up with Atomistic for microLED microdisplay technologies

Smart glasses developer Vuzix announced it has signed a series of agreement with Atomistic, that will give Vuzix an exclusive license of Atomistic's microLED microdisplay technology, that will have Atomistic design a custom backplane for Vuzix - and dependent upon achievement of various technical stages, the ability of Vuzix to acquire the company.

Atomistic has developed a novel approach to develop microLED microdisplays based on its material platform, which enables red, green and blue microLEDs based on the a single epitaxial structure. The team will develop microLED backplanes on 300 mm wafers.

Last year Vuzix launched its own microLED display engines, based on monochrome microdisplays provided by JBD. In January2022, Vuzix launched the Shield enterprise AR smart glasses, which utilize microLED microdisplays.

Posted: May 19,2022 by Ron Mertens