CEA-Leti researchers developed a new CMOS-based process to produce high performance Micro-LED displays

Researchers at CEA-Leti developed a new process to produce high performance GaN Micro-LEDs displays, which the researchers say is simpler and more effective than current approaches.

CEA Leti RGB Micro-LED CMOS fabrication transfer method image

The first step in the new process is transferring the micro-LED chips directly on top of a CMOS wafer. In the second step each complete "pixel", made from a CMOS driving circuit and micro-LED chips, is transferred to the display substrate.

The researchers say that this new technology could be used to create a wide range of micro-LED displays, from small wearable displays to large TV panels as the CMOS drivers offer high performance. The single LED-CMOS units are fabricated with a full semiconductor, wafer-scale approach, and the final displays do not need to use a TFT which is another advantage to current processes.

Posted: May 14,2019 by Ron Mertens