Seoul Viosys unveils a new microLED microPixel technology called WICOP

LED developer Seoul Viosys announced a new technology called WICOP mp, that combines the company's no-wire, no-package WICOP tech with microLEDs to create so-called micro Pixels.

Seoul Viosys Wicop microLED technology details

The company says that its WICOP technology makes it possible to populate brand-new semiconductor chips into a general manufacturing process directly without modification. Seoul Viosys says that using WICOP mc microPixels enables higher efficiency (as there's no efficiency degradation) and high density displays (up to 2000 PPI)


Seoul Viosys demonstrated two display prototype based on WICOP mp microPixels - a 82-inch Full-HD display (6.2 million chips) and a 40-inch 2.8 million chip one

Posted: Jan 09,2022 by Ron Mertens