Yole: micro-IC based microLED production could lead to large disruptions in the display industry

Display market analysts from Yole Developpement posted an interesting article, that speculates that Apple and Huawei are looking into microLED displays based on Si-CMOS micro-ICs. This model could have tremendous implications for the display market.

Display market disruption by microIC microLED displays (Yole)

The idea is that the device maker (Apple is likely to be the first to go down that route) will source micro LEDs from LED producers (or produce these in-house) and source microICs from foundries. Apple could then assemble these into its own displays, in-house. This means that in this model there's no room for traditional display makers which could lead to large disruptions in the display market, according to Yole.




This is an interesting take - although we have to be careful because device makers could have developed their own displays in the past as well, but at the end of the day display production was left to dedicated display makers. Maybe very large companies such as Apple or Huawei could indeed produce their own displays, but for smaller device makers that is not an option.

Posted: Oct 28,2020 by Ron Mertens