Yole sees significant microLED production in 2-3 years, with broader adoption in 5-10 years

Yole Intelligence has published its latest microLED market report, in which it sees commercial microLED production starting in 2-3 years, following several delays. In 5-10 years, adoption will increase.

In its base scenario, Yole sees microLED panel sales reaching $1.5 billion in 2029 and $2.2 billion in 2030, with almost 90% coming from wearables and AR/VR/MR microdisplays. The rest of the panels will be used in TV applications. If you want to hear more about Yole's microLED market insights, you are welcome to join the MicroLED-Connect online event later this month.


Yole has another scenario, which it calls full-penetration, in which microLEDs will also be able to penetrate the smartphones, tablets and laptops market, in which case revenues in 2030 will reach over $12 billion.

For microLEDs to be able to compete with OLED displays, which are also advancing, microLEDs will need to deliver clear performance, functionality, and cost advantages. Yole also believes that microdriver-based architectures (micro-ICs) could disrupt both performance and the supply chain.

The company also released this interesting supply chain graph, showing the main microLED panel developers and their suppliers:

Posted: Nov 16,2023 by Ron Mertens