3D-Micromac launches a new microLED LIFT mass transfer tool

3D-Micromac announced a new microLED mass transfer tool, called microCETI. The company says its new technology can be used to transfer over 130 million microLEDs per hour.

MicroCETI is based on a laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) process that can support almost any microLED material and shape. The tool also includes optional modules - a laser lift-off (LLO) module, and a single LED die repair module.



The MicroCETI system supports microLEDs, miniLEDs and also regular LED transfer, with donor LED wafers ranging from 2-inch to 6-inch (200 mm) and a target substrate size of 350x350 mm (MicroCETI equipment can be customized for other substrate sizes).


3D-Micromac microCETI 3D photo

The new system offers very high precision in all axis systems, fully-automated alignment system and features MicroMac's MicroMMI and inspection software. For more information, click here (or download the product brochure here).

3D-Micromac: LIFT process illustration

Posted: May 17,2021 by Ron Mertens