Sony demonstrated two of its Micro-LED Crystal-LED "CLEDIS" integrated displays at ISE 2018. Sony's main displays at ISE was a large 8K x 2K Crystal-LED display, that reportedly was very impressive. Sony also demonstrated a small "Baby" Crystal-LED display, about 120-inch in size, at its booth.

Sony CLEDIS demonstration (ISE 2018)

According to Sony employees at the booth, the large CLEDIS took around 50 hours to build, and the cost of such a display is around $1.8 million. The smaller CLEDIS at around 120" will cost bout $500,000. I wish to thank Omar Ayers for providing the photos and the information from ISE.

Sony baby CLEDIS, ISE-2018

Sony first introduced its Micro-LED displays in 2012, with a 55" Full-HD Display. In 2016 it introduced its first large-area tiled Micro-LED which it called Crystal-LED integrated display, or CLEDIS.

Sony Crystal-LED (CLEDIS) demonstration (ISE 2018)

CLEDIS displays are made from 320 x 360 ZRD1 modules (403 x 453 mm in size). These are bulky modules, each 10Kg in weight and 100 mm thick. The tiled displays are completely seamless.



question about posting article

"the large CLEDIS took around 50 hours to build" means the time to transfer million micro-LEDs or just to assemble several modules or including both ?

In my opinion, 50 hours seem to be very short to transfer micro-LEDs for 8K-2K display, which is a kind of break-through. Can you explain more detail for that?

I believe they refer to the

I believe they refer to the time it took to build the display from the modules, not to produce these modules.