Sony launches a new microLED display solution for virtual production

Sony launches a new Crystal LED display, the VERONA, purpose-built to meet the needs of virtual production applications. Sony says that these new displays is tailored for filmmakers, bringing new levels of quality and efficiency to in-camera VFX applications.

For the VERONA, Sony developed new anti-reflection surface coating, which also enabled deeper blacks. Sony says that this innovative technology significantly reduces the difference in contrast between the image projected on the LED display and the actor(s) performing in front of it on set – blending virtual and real in a natural way, reducing time and cost required for post-shooting adjustments. VERONA displays also offer high brightness (1,500 nits), and a wide color gamut (97% DCI-P3). Most importantly the VERONA uses high performance LED drivers that support refresh rates up to 7,650Hz (!) to drastically reduce scanline artifacts on the camera.


The VERONA comes in two models, to support the two leading virtual production LED controllers - the ZRD-VP15EB/23EB (supports Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40) and ZRD-VP15EM/23EM (Megapixel’s HELIOS Processing Platform). There are two display pitch options, 1.56 mm (in which case each module's resolution is 320x320) and 2.31 mm (216 x 216 resolution).

Posted: Sep 08,2023 by Ron Mertens