Sitan shows its latest microLED microdisplays and transparent displays at Display Week 2023

China-based microLED display developer Sitan Technology demonstrated its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023.

The company has developed four microLED microdisplays: 0.13" 1024x748 monochrome, 0.18"  800x600 monochrome, 0.18” 600x400 full-color and a 0.45" monochrome FHD panel. The company's 0.13" display offers a display density of 10,000 PPI (monochrome). The company also showed small transparent microLEDs.


Sitan is operating  a small microLED pilot production line in Longhua, Shenzhen, and is still at an early stage of development of these panels.

Posted: Jun 01,2023 by Ron Mertens