Samsung unveils 91-inch and 101-inch microLED TVs

Samsung Electronics introduced two new MicroLED TVs sized 101-inch and 91-inch. Samsung's 2022 MicroLED TV range will include the 91-, 101- and 110-inch microLED TVs (the 110-inch already started shipping in 2021).

Samsung 2022 MicroLED TV photo

Samsung planned to introduce even smaller microLED TVs, but high prices delayed these plans. The 2022 microLED range features 20-bit contrast processing, 100% DCI-P3 and Adobe-RGB color gamut, up to four HDMI inputs and Dolby sound.

It is likely that the price of these TVs will still be extremely high, and Samsung will probably not reveal it publicly during CES 2022, if at all.

Posted: Jan 03,2022 by Ron Mertens