Samsung shows 75" and 219" Micro-LED displays at CES 2019

Samsung unveiled two new Micro-LED TVs at CES 2019. First up is the consumer model, a 75" Micro-LED TV that is made from tiled displays. We already reported on this TV in September 2018, and it is great to see Samsung manage to bring this display to CES - even if it is an early prototype.

Samsung did not reveal any details on this TV, or any plans to commercialize this technology soon. It would seem that when Samsung is ready, its Micro-LED TVs will be the company's flagship TV technology. It's current high end TVs use QD-enhanced LCDs (and the company is to be close to release a hybrid QD-OLED TV in 2019).

In addition to the 75" consumer model, Samsung also revealed the largest Wall Micro-LED TV model, at 219". Samsung launched The Wall display in June 2018, but up until now the largest display on show was 146" in size.

 Samsung 219'' Micro LED The Wall Display, CES 2019

These tiled displays true-emissive displays, and are supposedly actually using mini LEDs and not micro LEDs. In April 2017 it was rumored that Samsung Display is set to acquire micro-LED developer PlayNitride for around $150 million. The deal never materialized (in January 2018 it was reported that the two companies are at the final stage of their talk but that was the last time this was discussed).

Meanwhile Samsung signed a long-term agreement to co-develop Mini LED technologies with San'an Optoelectronics, China's largest LED producer and reportedly San'an is currently supplying Mini-LEDs for Samsung's The Wall display).

Samsung 75'' Micro LED prototype, CES 2019

Posted: Jan 07,2019 by Ron Mertens