Omdia: the cost of 10 inch to 14 inch microLED panels will drop 75% by 2027, but will remain too high for most applications

Market research firm Omdia says that the price of microLED display panels is set to drop 75% by 2027. Omdia is referring to small 10-14 inch displays, which currently cost around $5,800 for a 10" panel, or $10,0000 for a 14.6" one.

Omdia expects the price of a 10" panel to drop to $1,277 in 2027, and a 14.6" panel to $2,400. That's an impressive price reduction in 4 years, but the prices of such panels will still be very high - much higher than comparable LCD or OLED displays today. Omdia thinks that at such price levels, some niche applications like high-performance laptops or automotive displays may fuel demand for MicroLED displays.

Posted: Aug 01,2023 by Ron Mertens