The MicroLED Industry Association to host an automotive display webinar

On September 4th the MicroLED Industry Association will host a private webinar on automotive displays and technologies. The automotive market represents a very good segment for microLED developers, as it offers high performance requirements, relative microLED maturity and the ability to adopt premium solutions.

Mercedes EQE 350 2022, interior photo

During the webinar, we will look at current solutions and future roadmaps, learn how the automotive industry looks at display solutions and next-generation technologies and see how microLEDs could find a market in the automotive industry.

The upcoming Seminar will feature three world-leading speakers, and will also be open to a Q&A session, to help increase microLED developers knowledge and involvement in the automotive industry:

  • Prof. Karlheinz Blankenbach, Display Expert, Pforzheim University, Founder & academic head of the Display Lab
  • Kai Hohmann, Principal Technical Expert Automotive Displays and Product Manager of Display Solutions at Continental
  • Jeffrey Scott Molvar, Head of HMI and User Experience Product Development  at Bugatti Rimac

The MicroLED Industry Association was established in 2022 with an aim to speak in a unified voice and promote microLED display solutions. The association works to improve communication, collaboration and partnerships within association members and assist its members in reaching their marketing and development goals. The association currently lists 39 members, including LG Electronics, 3M, GE, ams-Osram, PlayNitride, the Fraunhofer Institute (IZM and FEP), ITRI, UCSB, Coherent, Lextar/Epistar and many more.

Posted: Jun 29,2023 by Ron Mertens