Focally unveils prototype AR glasses that use a full-color microLED display engine

India-based startup Focally unveils prototype AR glasses that feature several innovative technologies, including a full-color microLED based display engine.

Focally says that its Universe AR glasses will enable full-color and monochrome display modes, which leads us to believe that this display engine is built from 3 separate monochrome microLED displays, perhaps a similar design to Vuzix's display engine. Using waveguide optics, the company says that the display provides a 30-degree FOV. The company says that the display engine is the world's smallest and brightest, but does not provide any technical details.

The Focally Universe AR glasses also include a MEMS-speaker-based sounD solution, called USound.

The company is now working on a next-gen prototypes, that will enhance the display and computing capabilities, and will launch a platform for early adopters in 2023.

Posted: Sep 28,2022 by Ron Mertens