The Elec: Samsung to increase microLED TV production in January 2022

According to The Elec, Samsung Electronics plans to ramp up its microLED TV production next month, and aims to produce around 200 MicroLED TVs (110-inch in size)- up from about a dozen such TVs it currently produces monthly.

The report suggests that Samsung aims to "gauge market reception" for its MicroLED TVs, before it commits to launching smaller-sized microLEDs. During Q1 2022 it will showcase these TVs at several trade shows.

It is actually quite surprising to hear Samsung have been able to ship around 12 microLED TVs each month (and this is only one size, 110-inch). According to other analysts, the whole microLED TV market globally was only a few dozens of TVs in 2021.

Posted: Dec 23,2021 by Ron Mertens